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Tattoos are the representation of a person. Many people put these on because they want to represent something or to show affection to some of the things but in case when you do not want the tattoo anymore you want it to go off from your skin then you make use of the tattoo removal procedures from No Ink. There are number of ways and you can choose whether you want to go for the painful or painless method.

The most classical method of removing the tattoo is the method which is called salabrasion. This method makes use of the grainy salt to rub of the tattoo ink from the skin. What you actually do is rub the skin this hard that the skin which is inked is rubbed away. This process is very much aggressive and could damage the skin and could cause the injuries. However, this method has gone old and no one use it anymore because the rubbing of the skin from grainy salt could cause the skin tissue to bleed.

Another method for large tattoo removal is the skin excision. This is the method in which the surgery procedure is used to completely remove the layer of the skin on which tattoo was inked. But because the entire skin needs to be pealed off therefore it is only recommended for the tattoo which is small and not very big because small portion of skin could be pealed off easily and less painfully. A method which is considered as the alternative of the laser treatment is the intense pulse light therapy but this method is less expensive than the laser and the procedure and technique is usually same but it could cause some side affects as well. In this procedure, an intense light is used which breaks the ink particles in the tattoo. However, the exposure of this light could cause the skin to burn and could cause it to change the color from its original color and this color of the skin will be permanent then.

Another method is known as the cryosurgery. This sort of procedure was originally developed to treat the cancerous cells but over the time this was use in the removal of the tattoo. In this case, the area which has the tattoo is expose to some type of freezing agent and then the area is scrubbed off. Usually, the gas which is used as the freezing agent is the liquid nitrogen. 

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