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Hand wash are one of the essential products for decorating your bathrooms for commercial as well as Special clients. Many clients often feel weird for being able to use and wash hands with inferior quality products. People are sensitive about their hands, especially when they are paying hefty amounts as room rent in their vacation hotels, expecting things that are of superior quality and that does not have any side effects. Sukin Cleansing Hand wash is one of the signature and premium product of Sukin, that helps in cleansing of hands by removing dirt and germs without getting dry and dehydrated.

Product Benefits

Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash is one of the most demanded and Highest selling Hand wash in Australia. It is naturally produced Australian made hand wash that carries many special qualities. It is made without harming any animals or have used any form of animal substance in preparation of the product. Our exclusive hand wash comes with a special pinch of our signature fragrance of Mandarin, Lavender, Tangerine and Vanillin, that helps in refreshing your mood and soul. It is manufactured from natural ingredients with no synthetic substances nor any sort of chemicals or artificial colors, and is 100% vegan products that comes in recyclable packaging that is bio degradable. Sukin hand wash comes with exfoliates that revitalizes the skin and keeps it hydrated, fresh and glowing. Its gentle gel formula makes the skin soft and clean.  

This exclusive product is being distributed exclusively by BnB supplies in whichever quantity and size you want. You name it, we deliver it, ensuring top quality and genuineness. Sukin Cleansing Hand Was comes in exclusive packaging with installed pumps that makes the packaging really handy and long lasting. It is supplied in two variants and SKUs i.e. one in 250ml packaging and the other in 1 litre packaging. 250ml bottle is mostly used either in Hotel rooms while 1 litre packaging is mostly used in washrooms which cater a lot of public, mostly in common rooms or halls or lobby washrooms. 

About the Supplier: 

BnB supplies is one of the most trusted vendor and market leader in hospitality supplies segment in Australia, with its headquarters located in Melbourne. Since its inception, BnB supplies have been supplies high quality hospitality products and materials to top hotels and guest houses, with a comparatively smaller chunk to Air BnB customers. No one in the industry can beat the competitive pricing and after sales service of the BnB supplies. We at BnB, guarantees originality and genuineness of the all the products being supplied by company, directly being purchased or routed through the company warehouses and salespersons. For more information, please log on to

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