How To Prep Your Clothes For Storage?

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Most countries that experience the four changing seasons are expected to have a range of clothing that is suitable to be worn based on the season. So once you are done with one season’s clothes you prep for the next season. It might sound ridiculous to those that experience only one season throughout the entire year, but for those that experience changing weather seasons it is important that they take good care of their clothes so that they could be worn as the season arrives. Just because it might be summer now you cannot afford to throw out your winter jackets. Hence you need to take extra care of them to make sure that they last long enough to be worn in winter. Here are some tips to help you out in maintaining your clothes to last long;

Give them a good wash

Just because you might be hanging your clothes up on wooden hangers, you certainly can’t expect them to be their cleanest. And you cannot store dirty clothes. Hence before you start with the arranging of your wardrobe make sure to give all your last season’s clothes a good wash. This way you can wash out all the impurities and have them all cleaned up to be stored in the right way. And don’t be lazy and simply try to spray a couple hits of perfume just to satisfy and convince yourself that they are clean. This will only backfire at the end of the day when you notice the stains on your clothes after you take them out from storage. So do take the time to clean them well.

Polish it up

Although you might not exactly be hanging your boots and shoes on reputable hangers they too need the necessary care to help in ensuring their longevity. So take the trouble to wash and clean them neatly by removing any existing mud stains and grime under the shoes. This way you can ensure that they last longer. You could also stuff them with tissue to help them retain their shape instead of sagging down. You could also use regiform that is shaped to the form of cylinders and use them to retain the shape of your boots, especially your favorite pair of uggs.

Throw out

Don’t be a hoarder when it comes to clothes. Sometimes there are things you cannot fit into no matter how much you try, so instead get rid of them once and for all. Not only would you free up space in your closet but you would also have a good count of the clothes you can and cannot wear. So consider the above and take the right action to maintain your clothes to help them last longer.