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Most of us have decorated our lawns and porch area with outdoor pots Melbourne with the decorative look in mind but we may not be aware of how many benefits we receive out of it. The concept of greenhouse effect and adopting greener environment within and outside the house are becoming common which is good for our space to become healthier to live in. Besides serving as a dcor item they serve numerous other purposes but it also requires proper maintenance to grasp all of these benefits.

Starting with synthetic pots they serve many functions and are light in weight which makes it easy to move and drag to change places. It also has several water depletion holes which makes it easy to sustain and holes can be dug easily too. If you have children at your home and they tend to play in the garden and accidentally a ball hits one of best light weight outdoor pots in Melbourne then it is of not much worry as it is not breakable. Another benefit of having synthetic pots is that it can coat easily into different colors and this reduces your expense also. You should place the synthetic pots in shade because they tend to get hot or cold quickly which affects the health of the plant. Plastic pots are cheap to buy and you can save up the buying cost to invest in further beautification of pots. Pots generally hide a lot of the mud and dust of plants and can serve as tidy option for plant holding. It makes your environment hale and hearty.

You can use pots for artificial plants which can be placed both inside and outside the house giving it a graceful look. Usage of clay pots is very common as it also gives a traditional look and it has a heavy base you can place it in windy and airy areas without the risk of breakage due to fast winds or storms. But at the same time it is difficult to move and make it portable and require more people to move. Clay pots were ethnically used for cooking purposes also as it is believed that food cooked in clay pot offers an even rich taste than the usual and it makes it more healthy also. It is most suitable for steam or slow cooking processes and it keeps the food more warm for a longer time by maintaining its moisture. Cooking clay pots were used as a decorative item in restaurants with eastern cuisines to give the sense of conventional and heritage cooking. Fish, crabs and curry cuisine is mostly cooked in clay pots as a speciality. One should water and clean their pots frequently to gain maximum output from it for a longer time period.

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